Second Life Was First a Belgian Band

According to a list of Belgian bands (LE: sry, this link is dead 🙁 ) they released only one album (Who Cares) on Fleet Records in 1980.

However, Gramo has just bought another Second Life album issued in Poland, named Why:

For your entartainment, here is the front cover:

And here is the back cover, where the Polish editor compares Second Life with Dutch rock bands like Livin’ Blues and Pussycat:

UPDATE: Torley‘s suggestion was great. So, here are the pics in high resolution, for those of you who’d like to have inworld replicas of Gramo’s Second Life album:

Front Cover
Back Cover
Face A
Face B

25 thoughts on “Second Life Was First a Belgian Band

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  6. gramos

    @Dan Van Riper: There is going to be an update about that as soon as we find a turntable to play the vinyl on 🙂

    Judging from titles like Island in the sun (on side A) and When a Man Loves a Woman (on side B), however, they should sound pretty cheesy.

    So Xeni is most probably right, after all 🙂

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  8. Torley Linden

    Ah, the days before we had the iconic eye-in-hand. Every successful rockband needs an identity!

    And like Apple, shows how much we’re into music.

    After Baba’s comments, I’m inclined to think someone’s gonna make a Photoshopped cover and distro it as a texture inworld!

    *gets boogielicious*

  9. gramos

    @Baba: looool 🙂 Actualy, the members of Second Life are:

    Walter Ardeel
    Hans Calcoen
    Willy de Cock
    Dirk Daneels
    Dirk Cauwels

    We haven’t got time to google them yet 🙂

    @Jeska Linden: Gramo thinks “Must.Not.Sell.Album.On.Ebay.’Cause.It’s.Too.Cool” 🙂

    But we suspect there are still some copies available out there. 🙂

    @Torley Linden: omg, that’s a great idea; we’ll take some better pics at a bigger resolution and put them on Flickr for everybody to have their own inworld textures.

    @yanush: omule, invidia nu face bine la sanatate; in marea sa bunatate, Gramo s-a gandit sa te scape de chinuri 🙂 asa ca deocamdata, cel putin, n-are rost sa mai incerci sa lasi mesaje pe aici; iti uram insanatosire grabnica!

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  16. Dubai Venture

    I love those “back to the oldies” posts, they remind me on the times when I was younger and we listened to pop. At least music back then had a tune.

    🙂 -Ali

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  18. Danneels Robin

    I don’t think you have the right to say it’s cheesy

    Second Life is a brilliant band and you can’t say things like that buy the album on ebay or listen to youtube.I’m the son (of a gun) from the earlier leadsinger and it’s really funny to see the whole virtual SL going down with problems like wrong dates,devorcing,sexual distortion,and othet MF…
    Just listen and don’t throw bombs on a band that sold more than 200.000 copy’s of WHY and that was in the Eastblock,think about before shooting on people,think the world now is good on that…
    Instead of try to love and listen to each other,bye,Happy 2009


  19. gramo Post author

    @Danneels Robin: We didn’t intend to use “cheesy” in any derogatory sense (it’s not always used whis way; see, for instance, here), but if it sounded offending to you, we apologize!

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