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986F 64B9 3005 E03E. FC42 A41E BD57 3179

So, has anyone figured out yet what does it mean and why it shouldn’t be posted on the internet? 🙂

[via Reddit]

LE: This doesn’t answer the question, but the Google Street View of the same place is here.

LE2: Problem solved. It’s a md5 hash. We’ve used a reverse md5 hash database to see if it makes any sense (you can check this for yourself here). The string “986f64b93005e03efc42a41ebd573179” produces a link: Makes sense (look at their address too). 🙂

A fi – a (te) simti – continuare

Ajunsesem la concluzia ca e util sa distingi intre a te simti intr-un fel si a fi in felul ala.

Acum ar putea spune cineva: “pai bine, ce mare lucru? stiam si pana acum ca una e sa auzi o voce si alta e sa-ti vorbeasca o persoana reala”.

Sunt insa oameni care au sustinut ca nu e nici o diferenta intre astea doua. Sau, in fine, diferenta revine la: “cand iti vorbeste o persoana reala nu auzi doar o voce, vezi si un corp s.a.m.d., dar toate chestiile respective sunt tot din categoria ‘a simti’.”

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