Twittermap 2.0

This is our second attempt (the first one is here) to select the most useful Twitter apps and Twitter related sites and to order them in a logical manner. Each item in the mindmap below is a hyperlink. Please let us know what do you think about it!

Yes, you must do this first! There is no other way. :) You might want to look around and see for yourself what Twitter is all about, before posting your tweets. This is Twitter's official search engine. Topic centered search for Twitter using tags. Authority based Twitter search. You can use this to monitor tweets containing certain words or expressions in real time. Watch tweets in the public timeline on a map. You could also try Twittervision 3D. Search for multiple words and see the results mapped on Venn diagrams. Let Twitter tell you a story. There is no point in posting on Twitter if nobody reads you, right? So, if you want to let others know that you exist, you should start by following them. Quite useful for finding twitters from your country (or sharing your interests). After you have some followers you could use Twubble to find more people to follow. Follow Mr. Tweet and he'll recommend you some interesting people to follow. And now let's get to work! :) Since you have only 140 signs for every tweet, you should use a link shortener if you want to include a link in your message. Just another link shortener (it provides shorter links than TinyURL, though). After writting on Twitter for a while and getting used to it you might want to learn more about all this Twitter thing. This has a lot of useful informations on Twitter. The most popular blog dedicated to Twitter. Apart from answering to replies and direct messages, you also have to do some maintenance work now and then. Smart way to maintain your list of followers and friends. Useful to get rid of potential spammers and trolls. Backup your tweets. Personalize your Twitter page. At a point, it is natural to be interested in the results of your 'work' on Twitter. Watch some statistics about your followers and find out what is your Twitter Rank. More statistics about your posts and your relations with other twitters. Measure your reach and authority. Use Cligs if you want to get some analytics for the links you post on Twitter. After being a regular Twitter user, you might want to discover some ways to expand your Twitter experience and some new uses for Twitter. Nice for following discussions better, listening to tunes and viewing images and videos included in tweets a.s.o. The most comprehensive Twitter apps database. Post pics on Twitter. The coolest way to post your favourite songs on Twitter. Share any file you want (up to 10 Mb) on Twitter. Use Twitter to invite people to your favorite events. Create polls for your tweeple. Add an RSS feed to your Twitter account. Use this with caution and make sure you also post regular tweets on your account.

12 thoughts on “Twittermap 2.0

  1. kompot

    Bun venit in Romania! Cand scrii un rahat de 3 randuri, primesti 10 comentarii. Cand muncesti la un post serios, primesti o lae. Felicitari si nu te descuraja, toti am trecut prin asta.

  2. gramo Post author

    @kompot: 10x pentru mesaj! am observat si noi la un moment dat chestia asta pe alte bloguri – posturile “muncite” nu prea primeau reactii; inca n-am inteles de ce se intampla asta; in fine…

    partea mai proasta e ca situatia asta duce intr-o singura directie: de ce sa muncesti la o chestie, gandindu-te ca le va fi de folos si altora, daca nimeni nu apreciaza asta? (mai ales cand cateva bancuri porcoase “produc rezultate” mult mai bune)

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