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Romanian Stuff

‘Oh,… a Romanian! :(‘ – have you ever thought that? I mean, have you ever met a person and said to yourself, for instance: ‘But she’s Romanian, she can’t be a very good professional!’ Or: ‘He’s Romanian, can I trust him?’

I think you did. If you’re Romanian yourself, I’m pretty sure you went along those lines (and I know it’s hard not to hold some prejudice against Romanians if you’ve been living abroad for a while).

However, lots of people try to do their best in Romania (just as in any other country). Prejudices undermine the value of their work (which might be related or identical to your work, too).

So I think you should question those thoughts a bit (especially if you are Romanian). It’s not that they are ‘anti-patriotic’. They are just unreasonable and counterproductive.